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Excessive crying reflux and milk allergy

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user1489695514 Thu 16-Mar-17 20:31:19

Hi all brand new to this, going to sound a little eccentric but my daughter is 8 months old and has a diagnosis of reflux and milk allergy. The first 8 weks where hell no sleep what so ever she just cried mon stop i visited the gp and hospital numerous times and was always fobbed off with colic. Things didnt improve atall eventually i wrote to my local mp as i was refused the tests i wanted for my daughter. I was promptly contacted by my local hospital with an appointment for allergy tests wich where later confirmed as delayed milk allergy with no skin reaction with a new milk and intfant gaviscon things have slowly improved. I resently have started to notice a great number of mums saying there children have the same symptoms as my daughter and im beginning to wonder why this is happening and why no one is getting the help they need my friend baby is 5 weeks old exactly like my daughter and is at a point of sleeping while standing as her baby is so upset all the time excessive gas swallowing air for no apparent reason excessive crying and uncomfortable. Id really like to find out what exactly is going on with our children with little help from doctors i was just wondering if anyone has a similar experience

CluelessMummy Thu 16-Mar-17 23:32:21

My DD has reflux and while we do not live in the UK currently, from speaking to a paediatrician I believe some doctors don't like to treat this issue because it is something they "just grow out of." DD is 5mo now and we have her on omeprazole - it has changed her entirely (and our lives!) But some medical professionals (again I am just quoting the paediatrician here) don't like to give drugs to such young babies. I do understand that, but as you'll know, the days are very very long without any help. We have recently begun weaning DD (yes, it's a little early) into a few select foods and again, this has really helped. Just holding out now until she can sit unaided which I believe is when reflux calms down a lot. Hang in there xx

user1489695514 Fri 17-Mar-17 05:55:47

My daughter has been sitting un iaded for a wile and is only having milk 2/3 times a day but still awake in the night alot i belive this is because she is not as upright as in the day but it varies we just spent a week with her crying or sleeping as shes teething and as ul no crying makes reflux play up so again im a zombie. The pedestrian used to look at me as if i was crazy and im sure never really belived how much my baby cried . It dose get better with age but also tougher as the cries are louder and the baby is stronger

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