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Bad teething diarrhoea?

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Jenjen18 Thu 16-Mar-17 09:06:18

My dd is 7.5 month old and has bronchiolitis as well as really bad bouts of diarrhoea and teething plus nappy rash. She is eating and drinking normally. Her diarrhoea is so bad that she can get up to 12 nappy change a day. Her stools are not massive and most of the times she is just passing mucus. Went to the GP yesterday as it has been 5 days but GP wasn't concerned and mentioned that it is probably because she's teething. Is it normal? And I'm running out of ideas with her nappy rash.. she can't use Sudo cream or metanium. Help!

Badders123 Thu 16-Mar-17 13:38:18

Try bepanthen

My ds1 used to get green diorhea when he was teething

CoffeeandChocolateplease Thu 16-Mar-17 15:53:57

My son used to get this when he was teething. We were prescribed timodene cream which worked really well.

Jenjen18 Thu 16-Mar-17 16:04:33

i am using bepanthen but it's not shifting the nappy rash 😢 . I'll be going to the surgery again today as her diarrhea is really bad now . She is passing mucus and tiny bit of seedy yellow poo every 30mins... I didn't know teething can be so bad ? I'll be bringing in her stool sample too .. It's just getting out of hand. I'll ask for timodine cream as well. Thanks guys ...

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