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Sudden but brief testicular pain - needs Checkkng?

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oldbirdy Tue 14-Mar-17 16:10:28

Almost 13 year old son rang on his way home from school, his testicles had suddenly starting v hurting. He said he was struggling to walk and waited at a friend's house until I could collect him. He rated pain at 7/10. I was imaging torsion etc but he says it's ok now. When I got to him from work 40 mins after onset he said it hurt less and now he says it's fine (they are fine). I have a call in to the doctor, but while I'm waiting could it be sinister but only hurt relatively briefly? He says no swelling or redness but I haven't looked myself. He wants to forget it but I am concerned.

Oldmum55 Wed 15-Mar-17 00:05:32

Let the GP have a look, probably just a strain in the area but you'll feel happier if your son has been seen by a doctor. You can then forget about it.

oldbirdy Wed 15-Mar-17 11:39:28

Thanks Oldmum. The doctor said if it was torsion it'd be constant pain which was reassuring. Anyway he starting vomiting in the night and has the runs now so I think it was a referred pain from a tummy bug, if such a thing can happen. Strange! All pain now in his belly as expected, poor thing.

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