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Any physiotherapists? 19 months old still can't get from laying down to sitting

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Aria2015 Sun 12-Mar-17 08:58:51

I posted in the development board but was recommended to try this board...

My son is 19 months. He walked on time (13-14 months) and is steady on his feet but he was late for learning to stand on his own and he only rolled over for the first time last week. He also can't get from the laying down position to sitting or standing. So he's never for example attempted to stand in his cot or been able to get up if he falls over.

Dh and I have been very worried and after various appointments with health visitors and my gp we paid for a private appointment with a paediatrician. He assessed lo and was concerned. I told him my fear was that lo had muscular dystrophy. He agreed it had crossed his mind and arranged for lo to have a blood test straight away and after a few horrific hours we got a call to say his levels were normal and there is nearly 0% chance lo has MD.

The paediatrician has said he can't rule out a rarer muscular issue but for now he has put it down to a 'quirk' in lo's development and he wants to leave him and see how he gets on. He will be referring lo to a physio but the waiting list is long (we can't afford to keep paying privately). He said he doesn't think there is any urgency which is fine but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some exercises or activities that might help lo on the meantime until we are seen? Just want to feel like we're doing something to help him.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

cestlavielife Mon 13-Mar-17 14:56:06

You need to see a physio.

Borttagen Mon 13-Mar-17 15:11:57

Is he rolling over now? You need to see a paediatric physio. When our son was investigated they mentioned something I forget the name of that was to do with the muscles getting out of balance. Our son has CP but it doesn't sound at all likely for yours if his balance is good. Is he rolling a lot now that he can do it? Does he spend much time lying on his front? Did he crawl?
There is a good website called mamaot which had good tips for rolling but might not be necessary for you now?

Borttagen Mon 13-Mar-17 15:13:16

Not being able to get up when he falls over - does he try? Does he get up onto all fours? Which bit stops him if you get me? Have his hips been checked? Although presumably ok if he is walking...

Aria2015 Mon 13-Mar-17 20:00:15

Yes he rolls now. He literally did it for the first time two weeks ago. He does it with ease although always in the same direction, throwing himself over with his right side.

He's never crawled, he did bum shuffle though. When he falls over he just sort of panics and starts crying and thrashing about. He doesn't draw his knees into a crawling position. He does lift up his front end with his arms but his legs don't do much - he just sort of kicks them.

He's had a full physical examination by a paediatrician and his reflexes are fine and joints.

The only way I can describe it is that he's just somehow missed a vital step in how to physically get up. He can stand from a seated position, he can walk just fine, he bends down and picks things up, he can crouch down and in all these ways he appears strong. It's very strange!

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