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Chicken Pox - Contagious period

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bobbycock79 Fri 10-Mar-17 11:42:34

My friends DS currently has chicken pox . Spots appeared last Sunday, he is in secondary school and has had a nasty dose of it. She also has a younger DD same age as my DD although they are in different nurseries, her DD currently has no symptoms.
I avoided meeting up for a playdate yesterday as I thought her DD may be contagious at this point before symptoms show and I really don't want my DD catching it right now as we are going in Holiday in less than 2 weeks. Am I right to avoid her for a week or so? Also some other friends with toddlers met up with her yesterday is it possible for their children to now be carriers? Should I avoid them too? Thanks for any advice

Luckystar1 Fri 10-Mar-17 11:50:50

The incubation period for CP is 7-21 days post exposure. CP is contagious from 1-2 days prior to spots appearing until the last spot has scabbed over.

So, if the friend's DD wasn't exposed initially at the same time as her brother, she's now in the incubation period. You aren't contagious during that period, only in the contagious period (outlined above).

Unfortunately, it's obviously impossible to know if she'll get them and if so, when, so she could be contagious any time for the next 3 plus weeks.

Again as with your other friends' children, it's all entirely dependant on whether the initial friend's DD is now contagious or not. It's a horrible, vicious cycle with CP.

FWIW, my son was exposed directly to it (sharing food, which I never allow, but the other mother allowed them to share while I was out of the room) and didn't get it. I did however have him vaccinated within 5 days of exposure which is supposed assist to prevent or limit the severity of the dose (like you, we were going on holiday and I had a baby)

I know people will say that you shouldn't limit your life, but I would (and did!) as I really don't want my children catching it so you (mine are 2 and 7 months now).

bobbycock79 Fri 10-Mar-17 13:05:44

Thank you, that is very helpful. I guess I will see what happens with her DD in the next few days then at least I will know if the other toddlers are 'safe' smile

Luckystar1 Fri 10-Mar-17 14:49:41

To be brutally honest, I'd avoid them all until you go on holiday. I know lots of people wouldn't but I would!!

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