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Cerebral palsy help!!

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Emma2018 Tue 07-Mar-17 09:40:19

My little boy just turned one, he was born at 31 weeks via emergency section! As a baby I noticed he would hold his head to the left a lot, and would reach for things with his left over his right he's always been late hitting milestones and just learned to sit up around 9/10 months. He can army crawl on his forearms but not on all fours and since we are trying to teach him to walk we noticed his right leg doesn't seem to move the same as his left which moves normally, im so worried he has mild cp! We're at the doctors today as the hv came yesterday and agreed the leg isn't right! I wondered what other people's experiences where? X

BackforGood Tue 07-Mar-17 22:13:49

Cerebral Palsy is a real umbrella term for a whole range of conditions, and a HUGE range of ability / disability.
Scope are a fantastic source of information, advice, and hand holding.
Physios can help a lot.

Smudgerlilly Wed 08-Mar-17 06:37:48

What did the doctor say? Are they doing additional investigations?

I would want them to rule out a stroke. (It is possible for babies to have a stroke before they are born) and this can produce one sided weakness. If it was a stroke it would be seen can on an MRI.

Emma2018 Wed 08-Mar-17 07:43:24

The gp didn't seem to pay much attention to what I was saying but we see his pead in April xx

Flingly Wed 08-Mar-17 10:18:02

To be fair, In my experience you need to talk to a specialist. The paediatrician should do a general check on milestones. Note your concerns before you go. I would mention the one sided weakness and would want them to rule out a stroke.

Emma2018 Wed 08-Mar-17 10:32:06

I will do thank you, I've been videoing him playing so I have stuff to go with too x

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