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Teething cough?!

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P1nkSparkles Tue 07-Mar-17 00:52:31

5 m/o DD has developed a really nasty cough over the last few days.... Sometimes it actually seems like she's breathless, wheezing and choking - so much so I took her down to OOH last night to be checked over. The doctor thoroughly checked her over and said she's fine - but it sounded like she had fluid or an irritation in her throat.

At weigh in today the H/V heard her coughing and spluttering and is convinced it's a teething cough and that the extra saliva is making her gag, but wasn't able to make any suggestions on relieving symptoms.

She's having loads of coughing episodes at night, they're so violent that her whole body is flopping round like a fish out of water - but somehow (god knows how because it wakes me up) she's sleeping through most coughing fits - although on the occasions she wakes she can get quite distressed. I have her sleeping on a wedge cushion to help... I'm assuming Vicks and steam etc won't help in these circumstances.... does anybody have any experience of this or any suggestions of things that might help??

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