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TUMMY bug??

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caracat Mon 06-Mar-17 21:37:16

Just over a week ago dd&ds had vomiting 12 hour ish bug. I seemed to get it too felt nauseous but then ended up with diarrhoea (sorry too much info :/) Ds went back to school after 48hrs and 2 days later was sent home from school with diarrhoea. Back at school again friday. Sunday at Pizza making bday party he felt ill! - I thought over heating (it was hot in there/too many clothes) recovered and fine for rest of weekend... .now sent home for vomiting today!! Bouncing around fine all afternoon/ evening, ate a sandwich /complaining hungry , 2 hours later really bad tummy ache and more vomiting ! - now asleep again.
Just bad luck with few bugs in a row? - or something else? Thank's x

caracat Mon 06-Mar-17 21:39:08

(The weird bit is being totally fine for day/days in between it reoccurring) bugs going around of course is normal. . .

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