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3 yr old - vomiting at night

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Stm2016 Sun 05-Mar-17 14:30:18

This has been going on almost 10 days now - my little boy (3) was sick a week last Friday in the night and aside from a two day 'gap' he has been sick every night since. It happens at approx midnight every night and nothing whatsoever in the day.

No fever, not unwell in the day etc.

Doctor on the phone said it is probably just a virus but I just don't understand why it's only happening at night?

I'm completely exhausted as I am also looking after a three month old. Any advice?

Stm2016 Sun 05-Mar-17 15:53:44

Also - he's had really long naps this week (up to three hours) so surely if it was something triggered by lying down he'd be sick after/during his naps too??

LimeySnickett Sun 05-Mar-17 20:44:20

Probably loads of things it could be but do check out the HeadSmart Campaign - particularly if you notice other symptoms:

minmooch Mon 06-Mar-17 21:35:07

Does he seem unsteady on his feet?

Stm2016 Mon 06-Mar-17 22:10:36

No not at all. He wasn't sick last night so really hoping he's coming to an end

Woodybaby74 Sun 12-Mar-17 00:49:35

How is he now Stm2016? Im interested because my 20 month old daughter was sick at about 6pm on Thursday evening, but seemed fine and chirpy afterwards (although had a couple of loose nappies). She slept well, ate breakfast and lunch normally the next day (yesterday) and was full of energy - didn't really eat her tea but was happy and laughing, but then had 2 horrific nappies straight after her bath and then threw up. Again, she was pretty fine afterwards and I put her to bed. Today she's been fine again - we tried to make sure she drank water, and we only gave her plain food (toast, rice, bananas) - put her to bed and hoped she was recovering but just half an hour ago she's thrown up in bed and had diarrhoea. As soon as we got her out of her cot she was smiling and not appearing to be suffering. It's very strange, and frustrating too.

Stm2016 Sun 12-Mar-17 06:47:08

Hi woody,

You have my sympathies - this is such a frustrating bug!

He's absolutely fine now. In total the whole thing lasted for 10 days (or nights!). The docs had no real explanation of why he was only sick at night but it was what it was. He has the runs for a couple of days longer than the sickness but he's fine now. His baby brother seems to have caught it, poor thing, but hopefully he's on the mend now too.

I just gave him all bland foods - toast, boiled rice/pasta etc, and limited dairy as much as possibleZ

The docs said there's just a really nasty bug going round. Hope she shakes it off soon x

Woodybaby74 Sun 12-Mar-17 08:25:33

Very glad both your boys are on the mend - 10 days, argh! We've 'only' done 3 - hoping her older sister doesn't catch it (lots of hand washing going on). Little one seems fine and jolly once again this morning so we'll just have to wait and see what the night holds! Xx

Stm2016 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:33:31

It's so weird isn't it - my LO would seem bright as a button every morning and I'd be thinking 'yes, it's the end!' and then he'd just get a little more subdued towards the end of the day and LO and behold, 11pm he'd be shouting for us. Poor little soul. There is an end in sight though I promise! I think his was abnormally long, I don't think they're all 10 days long hopefully

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