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Stool withholding :-(

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teacher54321 Sun 05-Mar-17 06:48:35

Ds is nearly 5. Two years ago when he was potty training he ended up with constipation and stool withholding. Took 5 months to get him pooing properly and then A YEAR to get him out of pull ups for poo. This week he was constipated and very distressed, in desperation I got suppositories and on Thursday managed to get him to poo. I've started him back on the movicol and he is now resisting the urge to poo and is really distressed and wriggly. I am so gutted-we had a year of completely independent toileting and he seems to have defaulted back to the withholding. I am waiting for the movicol to kick in, as it's what worked for us before, but I'm terrified that we're back in for the long haul again sad

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