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Teething gel

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MommaGee Sat 04-Mar-17 00:19:52

Can I overdose DS on it?
Is it horrific I'm giving it him every night??
It's the only thing that works but I've just been light heartedly googly and found articles on the evils of it and how it can affect breathing etc.

DS is 21 months and his fangs are coming through. Equivalent on bottom row due and then rear molars and we're all done.
He asked up crying and only Teething gel on his dummy will bring him down (no I do not want a debate on letting my son have a dummy at his age). He has it occasionally awake but will chew lots of things but obviously when he's in his cot I don't want to give him a wet cloth to chew and Teething rings are harder to manipulate when you're mostly asleep and the Gap is only one tooth

shewolfmum Mon 06-Mar-17 22:57:53

Could tey astons and parsons teething powders? It is a herbal remedy (not homeopathic) and is useful for many?

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