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Is she already getting breasts?

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lovely123 Fri 03-Mar-17 12:49:12

This is for all mums with daughters as this is my first time.

I noticed this morning that my DD aged 9 and 4 months seems to have a tiny soft lump where her nipples are, having read online this is referred to as breast buds.
I do not know what I was taken aback but wanted to see if anyone can share what to expect next? i.e. how long before they start growing properly, how do you talk to them about it as it is so sensitive.
Any tips?

sallylondon Fri 03-Mar-17 12:55:04

Mine did. A bit of a shock isn't it? They seem so young.
They didn't properly start to grow into breasts until about age 11 though.

notMarlene Fri 03-Mar-17 12:55:40

My DD is the same age and is beginning to develop too, as are several of her friends. A stretchy vest in size smaller than normal seems to make the tenderness more bearable.

Baby2ruinedmynunny Fri 03-Mar-17 12:57:53

I purchased some crop tops for my daughter when she started to show signs of breasts, it made the transition to bras easier. She's now 11, started her period at 10 and is in bras. It's a good idea to start discussing puberty so that she knows what to expect.

lovely123 Fri 03-Mar-17 13:11:47

Vests, yes, good idea!
I will take her shopping tomorrow and she wants a lock on her door now so her brother stops barging in when she is changing ;)

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