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Hypermobilily and elbow partially dislocating

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PragmaticWench Wed 01-Mar-17 12:36:44

DD is four and was diagnosed with hypermobility by a private paediatric physio team last year. I'd taken her as she walks and runs rather unusually. They gave us some exercises to help strengthen her legs and I thought that was all fine. However she has partially dislocated her elbow twice this month, once when reaching for something awkwardly and once by leaning her arm on the arm of the sofa, so due to very mild movements. Both times it was out for twenty minutes of so, and it has popped back just as we've been about to take her to the doctor. This also happened once when she was a small baby and it was put back by a doctor in A&E.

I'm wondering if we should be taking her to the GP, or back to the private physio, any thoughts on which would be best? I don't want to leave it as it seems likely to happen again. Suggestions from anyone with a child who is hypermobile would be really welcome!

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