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Molloscum - advice needed please!!

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LooJG Sun 26-Feb-17 11:09:07

Hi everyone,

My little boy who is 3.5 has been diagnosed with molloscum following a couple of sessions with a dermatologist. I am not convinced the spots are as after much research they also look very similar to flat warts and some do not look white nor do they have a dimple in the middle! None the less the dermatologist has diagnosed molloscum and we won't be getting a second opinion until an NHS referral due in June!

He started off with a spot on the top.of his hand around a year and a half ago but since September he has got a spot on his thumb (which he sucks) and over recent weeks now has a tiny spot under his.lip (probably because of thumb sucking) one on his finger and a tiny one on his chest.

I am absolutely lost as to how to clear these as we have tried saiyllic acid, thuja and tea tree and nothing has worked! I have started to bath him in dead sea salts over this weekend and have my fingers crossed this may help...sad

Has anybody had experience with this and can anybody provide support of advice on how this can be successfully treated.

Currently the dermatologist has suggested leaving these to clear on their own (which can take years and will spread) as freezing them off or laser will be difficult due to his young age!

Any thoughts or advice would be much ly appreciated smile

Tanyarandall Sun 26-Feb-17 12:33:30

I used the children’s e-hospital app. Think you can get advice on most children's medical stuff there

picklemepopcorn Sun 26-Feb-17 12:36:24

They just need to run their course, I'm afraid. One of mine had it, it got pretty bad, and then one day it disappeared. Just like that. Individual ones got angry and occasionally burst due to scratching. Keep them clean. And then one day they will be gone. Much better at this age than when they are in school!

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