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Anyone else's child got this?

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purplepingu Fri 24-Feb-17 16:51:33

DS is almost two and last weekend started with what we thought was a sickness bug, started with sick on Saturday night and then diarrhoea early in the week.

Had him at the doctors because he had a slight rash on his face and was told it was just viral and to wait it out.

Diarrhoea has stopped but he's still being sick once pretty much every night. On Wednesday OH had him at A&E because his hands and face started getting a blotchy allergic reaction looking rash on them. Again we were told just viral and wait it out.

Has anyone else had anything similar going on as it seems odd that we're almost a week in and he's still being sick at night? We don't know if the rash is related or not, the doctor said it looks like what you'd get from changing washing powder but nothing's changed and he's barely eating anything so it can't be a reaction to food. He didn't seem concerned by anything but sent him home with antihistamine drops for a week.

Just posting in the hope that someone tells me the end might be in sight!

ginginger Mon 27-Feb-17 21:25:41

Have you heard of slapped cheek, it's affecting many children in several schools in our area. It's the right time of year apparently.

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