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Does penicillin make babies sleepy?

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RhubarbAndMustard Tue 21-Feb-17 14:28:03

My DS (11 months) was diagnosed with tonsillitis yesterday and given penicillin. He had one dose yesterday before bed and has so far had 2 today..and he has pretty much been asleep all day. Is that normal?

He has been unwell since Thursday last week and whilst he's had longer naps he hasn't slept like this.

Roastie1986 Tue 21-Feb-17 21:28:40

Hey there my ds 2.5 years has been on penicillin a few times and each time gets quite sleepy. It's also down to the infection itself too xx

IvorHughJarrs Tue 21-Feb-17 21:30:49

I think it is more that they are using energy to fight off the infection rather than a side-effect of the penicillin

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