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Worms in pre-schooler

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GloGirl Mon 20-Feb-17 18:18:10

My son is nearly 4 and last Wednesday night he was complaining very loudly at bedtime about a sore bottom. I settled him to sleep after an hour, Googled it, gave him Ovex the next morning and since then we're still having problems. He was really upset the next night and I wanted to prove it was worms and after soothing him to sleep I was able to spot one [envy} <<vomit smiley

He is honestly a very uncomplaining child with no health problems who never complains about feeling poorly or in pain so I feel like I should be doing something to help him because he's still really upset about his bottom.

It's also appeared to have coincided with constipation which he has never had before so he's really upset about his bottom. I can't work out if he still has worms, or he has a pain down there, or if he is feeling the sensation to do a poo and claiming it is "pain" as he's afraid to poo.

He's complaining about his bottom sometimes during the day not just at night and has regular requests for cream to make his bottom feel better. It is still worse at night though.

I did see a Nurse Practitioner yesterday who prescribed thrush cream as he did have a red sore bottom with some red spots, and advised that the Ovex medication could take a few days to work. I was giving him small doses of lactulose for his constipation but she advised that could be giving him tummy pain so we should stop. But I don't think he's done a poo today.

What can I do to help him? Any advice welcome. I realise going one or two days without a poo is fine fyi - I have a toddler also with constipation issues from weaning but it's obviously my pre-schooler discomfort.

MoreThanUs Mon 20-Feb-17 18:22:36

We had this issue! Basically it's something like this: Ovex works by removing the worms' food supply - glucose. Too much Ovex (I tried giving one a week for a while!) caused constipation as the poo dries out. Lactolose is like glucose - makes the poo wet, but feeds the worms! Catch 22!

MoreThanUs Mon 20-Feb-17 18:25:01

Forgot the solution! Give Ovex for the worms. 1 tablet each time, 2 weeks apart. No more than that. Then use another way of addressing the constipation. We used movicol - bought over the counter at a chemist.

GloGirl Mon 20-Feb-17 18:31:45

Thanks MoreThanUs I did realise a bit later what an error I had made with the Lactulose after reading what Ovex did about sugar! Makes sense it would also change poo consistency.

I can't live like this for another week and a half until I can dose him again! I am going mad!!!! I am tempted by Movicol.

MoreThanUs Mon 20-Feb-17 18:44:34

Do you think he is being reinfected? I've never heard of Ovex not working.

DarkestBeforeDawn Mon 20-Feb-17 19:38:18

Give him some prune juice for the constipation - a small glass either at breakfast or before bed - it works wonders

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