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OCD in children - help please

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stimpy1 Mon 20-Feb-17 13:29:51

Hi, i'm not sure where to start. I have three children, 9, 7 nearly 8 and 4. My middle son is the most kind, good heated child, he is doing well at school and has lots of friends. He has always been very anxious and volatile. Just recently he has been having daily massive tantrums where he will scream, kick out and cause as much disruption as possible (usually at bedtime) My hisband works away quite a lot, when he is around he will flare up but not as much when I am alone. He reduces me to tears regularly and I am unhappy with the way I end up dealing with him.
I have noticed recently that he touches things with both hands and has always put things in his mouth, when he is told not to do this, he says show me how to stop or my brain makes me do it. He has also stated to me on occasions his brain tells him to shout out bad words at school (although he doesn't do it) He is quite messy but he has piles of things around in an 'order' and writes endless lists. I could go on with the things he does that we have always just considered quirky.
Having read up on OCD I feel that it is possible he has this and then his frustrations lead to the meltdowns. Does anyone have experience of this? I do not want to label him but also would like to get him some help before things get any worse. I would be very interested to hear of any children with OCD who also suffer the tantrums as I can find little on this. Thank you so much for listening

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