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Has anyone's child gone through spinal surgery? - looking for advice

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suhaschatekar Sun 19-Feb-17 10:37:34

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this group.

My daughter is recently diagnosed with scoliosis. She is 21 months old. Doctors have said that she needs to go through a spinal surgery in order to stop further curvature in her spine.

I have a lot of questions that I wanted to get answers to. I am meeting the doctor next month to get answers. I also wanted to connect with other parents whose child may have gone through such surgery. I believe I can get a lot of practical advice from these parents about post-surgery activities and pain management or any general advice really.

Is there anyone here who has such experience. Or advice where I have a chance to meet such parents?

Witchend Sun 19-Feb-17 13:56:51

Not that age group, but a friend's daughter has just had that done in her teens.
The difference in her is remarkable. She looks happier, healthier and in all ways so much better.

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