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6 year old one bug after another

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Mummytron Fri 17-Feb-17 15:58:35

Hi all my daughter who is 6 seems to always be ill. Since new year she has had slapped cheek, flu and sickness bug. I'm a worrier so I'm struggling with this as I'm worried that there is something underlying there. She plays and eats (lots) but looks pale (she is fair anyway) and can't seem to get back to full health. Any advice please.?

Twopeapods Fri 17-Feb-17 21:23:59

She sounds very run down.
Are you giving vitamins? I spoke to the pharmacist about my DD1 as she is the same and they recommended a tonic type of vitamin drink for children which is for post viral fatigue. She seems to have perked up.
I've also started them both on probiotics as they are meant to be great for immune systems.

Mummytron Fri 17-Feb-17 22:03:45

I'm not giving vitamins but seems a good idea.

Isadora2007 Fri 17-Feb-17 22:05:08

I wouldn't worry. It's easy to get lots of things back to back at this age. If she isn't managing a full and varied diet then some multivitamins could be helpful for now.
Hope she is better soon.

Mummytron Fri 17-Feb-17 22:13:58

Thanks. She eats well so I've never been worried but feel for her being ill much

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