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Eczema with baby at 4,5 months

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Thaonunns Thu 16-Feb-17 00:59:37

My baby girl has a big red rash constantly on her cheeks, since she's born, always has spots on her face and now that rash is on all the time, she's itchy, tried to scratch it all the time and got effected.
We've been to see doctors a few times, they've given us some antibiotics for her to drink, also corticosteroids cream but it seems to work for about 5 days (full length of antibiotics) then she gets irritated again and scratches again, she couldn't sleep at night because of that. Also she's got some paraffin that Doctor gave us as cream everyday.
I'm really worry and don't know what to use any more! Any suggestions would be appreciated blush xx

KarmaNoMore Thu 16-Feb-17 01:16:32

There is something you need to have clear about eczema: it is not something that gets sorted as a fever or a headache, it will keep coming down unless you keep it under control and eventually, your child may outgrow it.

The basics are:
1) There is a cycle: skin gets dry, then flares then gets infected, take antibiotics, start again. You need to break that cycle.

2) cortisone reduces the flares only, does NOT hidrates skin. it's only purpose is to reduce the flares, it won't "cure" eczema.

3) Antibiotics kill the infection, not the flares or the dryness.

4) A good quality moisturiser is key. Some babies with mild eczema improve with paragon or aqueous cream, which GPs really insist on, not because they are good but because they are cheap. Averno cream and Eucerin cost more than £10 a bottle but they also work much better (when DS was a baby I needed to apply diprobase 8 times a day, Eucerin only 3).

So, if she has flares use the cortisone but make sure you are applying moisturiser as often as necessary. Once the flares are gone, the moisturiser will keep them away.

Only use antibiotics if the skin is infected/weeping. If the skin is broken infected use aqueous cream/Aveeno as a moisturiser as others may sting.

Forget about baby soaps and shampoos, they can make the issue worse. Put a bunch of oat flakes in a sock, run the goth water for the bath through the sock then add cold water to make it tepid. You won't believe how soft the skin can feel after having a bath in oath water smile

KarmaNoMore Thu 16-Feb-17 01:17:44

Parafine based creams, not paragon...hmm

Time to go to bed..

KarmaNoMore Thu 16-Feb-17 01:19:35

Hot water, not goth water...

Believe me... I'm normal during day time!

KarmaNoMore Thu 16-Feb-17 01:20:37

Oath water!!! Oaty water (believe not even holy water will cure it but oat water can help)

Smitff Thu 16-Feb-17 01:29:16

Google bleach baths. 15ml of bleach per gallon of water, every other day. Same concentration as a swimming pool. It'll stop infections and for some reason which doctors can't explain, also reduces the number of flare ups.

I second aveeno.

No hot baths, only tepid water.

Pat skin dry, don't rub it

Socks over hands to sleep at night

On the plus side, most babies born with eczema peak around the 5mo mark. Thereafter it somehow seems to improve by itself. Won't go completely but will get better.

OneLumpOrSeven Thu 16-Feb-17 13:53:36

Don't use aqueous, it's only supposed to be used as a soap substitute not as a moisturiser.

Moisturise moisturise moisturise, you cannot do this enough. And leave at least half an hour gap between moisturising and applying steroids. Stop using all shampoo and bubble bath and just use emollients in the bath. We found aveeno had no effect although people on here rave about it. You need to find what works for you. We used diprobase as a moisturiser and steroid creams which worked really well. My DS was 5 months old too, it turned out he had a cows milk protein allergy.

Thaonunns Fri 17-Feb-17 15:48:02

Oh thank you. That's really clear for me. I've ordered Aveeno already and hope that would help her!!

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