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Dipstick urine test analysis help please

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Iambubbles86 Mon 13-Feb-17 08:21:53

D's has suspected HSP which can damage kidneys. Did his 1st dipstick test this morning with fmu and protein and blood is normal which is great but specific gravity is the light brown one at the end (1.030), is this anything to be concerned about? D's is 6, he hadn't had a drink in 12 hrs as he was sleeping and he does sweat a lot at night. If I test again after he's had a normal amount of water and it returns to normal levels does it mean its nothing to worry about?

Iambubbles86 Mon 13-Feb-17 08:39:02

All is OK, sorry I posted on chat but didn't have a response so posted here as well as thought it might be a more accurate audience but now I have an answer in chat. Sorry for making another thread I'm just very on edge at the moment

beautifulgirls Mon 13-Feb-17 15:02:42

The only things you need worry about with HSP are the protein and blood. SG is to do with concentration of the urine. My daughter had HSP so completely understand your worry - she avoided any kidney issues however and is doing well more than a year on (and she previously had serious kidney issues from another infection so there was a double worry for her). I still worry HSP will return if she gets a cold or is ill but we have managed to avoid any flare ups thankfully. Hope your little one stays well.

Olympiathequeen Mon 13-Feb-17 20:40:26

Specific gravity is just how concentrated the urine is and if he is a bit dehydrated it will be higher than normal. Nothing to worry about

Iambubbles86 Mon 13-Feb-17 22:47:20

Thank you both, I have ocd and am just getting over a month long panic episode but this has brought it all back, I literally feel broken right now, I'm so scared for him all the time, the silly thing is his rash is minor and thankfully on day 5 since rash was noted and no other symptoms so far (fingers crossed), but it will be months before we know for sure.

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