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Baby cutting molars first - experiences?

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dodi1978 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:08:20

My four month old DS2 has shown all the classic signs of teething which, combined with a stuffed up nose, has made for a few interesting nights.

Today we saw a white spot on his upper rear gums - it seems as if a molar is breaking through.

Researching various forums tells me that's unusual, but possible. If your babies were the same, did they cut all their molars first or did the teeth come in the usual order, eventually?

DS1 got all his teeth as per 'normal' schedule...

CatsCantFlyFast Tue 07-Feb-17 21:15:53

Strangely I was googling this yesterday. Dd2 (4.5 months adjusted) has been showing teething signs which I was mostly ignoring (as dd1 had them at 4 months and didn't produce a tooth until after she was 1). However I had a look and she has a visible tooth under the gum that is probably a molar. My google results showed that they can come in any order, and also that sometimes as they're 'moving around' the teeth become visible for a while but don't erupt

dodi1978 Wed 08-Feb-17 10:38:39

Ok, that's interesting! I found quite a lot of forum entries of people saying their babies got their molars first. Interestingly, all these babies were quite young!
Well, we'll see. We started the night well but it went downhill from 2pm. The stinking cold DS has isn't helping matters!

jobrum Wed 08-Feb-17 10:44:07

Dd started teething a little after 3 months and once I twigged onto what it was I started looking in her mouth and saw her gums were filled with white lumps. But they all sort of receeded after a while and she teethed in the expected order. Strangly, her molars have ben the easiest for her to teeth. Just got two back molars through and just like with her first molars, I looked into her mouth after she was a bit grumpy and drooly andcsaw teeth! None of the weeks if crying and horrible nappies as with all the rest!

jobrum Wed 08-Feb-17 10:45:21

I am also convinced that a runny nose is part of teething, its too much of a coincidence otherwise.

Twopeapods Thu 09-Feb-17 10:21:34

I thought my DD2 was teething from about 3 months but didn't cut any teeth til her 1st birthday. And her canines came first at the same time. It was odd because it looked like she had fangs for about three months. Then four molars came through together next.
We are still waiting for some front ones and she was 2 the other day. My dentist just said not to worry and they will come eventually.

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