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At what point do you visit the gp for 'general unwellness' in your dc?

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stuckinthehouse Tue 07-Feb-17 09:37:18

Hi everyone,

My 4yo dd is poorly. At first I thought it was just a sickness bug but she's showing no sign of getting better.

- The past three weeks she has had a cold and been complaining of a sore ear and sore tummy.
- On Thursday she was sent home from nursery as she was vomitting.
- Friday zoned out on the sofa, regaining her appetite.
- Saturday seemed better.
- Sunday very painful tummy and more D&V.
- Yesterday zoned out on the sofa, regaining appetite, complaining of achy legs, then asked to go to bed at 5pm.
- This morning she's still in bed at 9:30am, complaining about her legs and drifting in and out of sleep, not wanting to eat.

At what point do I admit defeat and take her to the gp? I actually have no idea now what's wrong with her. Thought it was a bug but what's with the achy legs? And I wonder if the sickness is connected to the ear thing last week...
I'm also really worried that she'll be losing too much weight as she's already on the 2nd centile.
Or do I just let her sleep it off?

DubiousCredentials Tue 07-Feb-17 09:47:24

I would take her to the GP or at least request a phone consultation if your surgery offers them. They will probably says it is a virus but I would personally feel after three weeks she needs a quick check over.

My 9yr old ds was poorly for a month before Christmas in much the same way as your dd. He was fine after the break from school, plenty of sleep and some focus (from me) on his diet.

peggyundercrackers Tue 07-Feb-17 09:50:02

our 2 have been much the same, think it all stems from this cold bug that everyone seems to be getting. we haven't been to the doc about it because there is so many people affected with the same symptoms here.

PleasantPhesant Tue 07-Feb-17 09:53:13

Ours have achy legs and feet at times-growing pains here.

The sore tummy could be down to the d and v.

Ear ache can come from tonsils/fluid in the sinuses from a cold etc.

If you're concerned get her to a nurse or go for a quick check over. Offer her high fat and high protein food along with whatever she normally eats. Hope she's feeling better soon.

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