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Molluscum and Mole on groin

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Verbena37 Mon 06-Feb-17 12:39:46

DS I said 11 and for the past year has had what I and the GP are pretty sure are molluscum all over the back of his knee and a few single ones on shin and ankle.

Then he has always had a large mole (only slightly raised, almost flat) on his groin of one leg.

I took him to the Gp about molluscum and he said treat with salicylic acid if you want it that freeze off stuff but he said it might sting.

DH is moaning at me and calling me neglectful because I haven't taken him back to the GP. I explained that whether it's warts or molluscum, it will go eventually. DS is a bit paranoid about theming I get it but he has ASD and is very averse to pain or the probability of it.

I said to DH that the GP will be annoyed seeing him again for the same thing that's already been discussed and that the mole doesn't look dodgy to me....just mid brown colour, no jaggy edge, no discolouration etc. The only thing DH noticed yesterday was that a tiny pinhead size piece of mole had lifted away......but pretty sure DS had just caught it.

DH is a bit like him mum and wants to check everything out and as he rarely goes to the GP, I don't think he realises the pressure they're under for stuff like this, which can be monitored at home.
How can I explain to DH that I don't think he needs to go?

Sisterthree Wed 08-Feb-17 09:13:32

It must be difficult but why dont you try one of the over the counter molluscum treatments. Less pain and it will stop the spread of the virus. We took the advice of our doctor for our oldest boy and he ended with molluscum for 3 years and spread it to all the other members of our family. We tried loads of different treatments, but overall apple cider vinegar and Mollenol works best for us. Perhaps a little bit of treatment care for yours we make the

Verbena37 Wed 08-Feb-17 13:41:16

Thank you.
I'll check out Mollenol.

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