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Chest xray

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Jojo55ss Sun 05-Feb-17 17:13:08

My 1 year old was admitted in 2 Hospital last week after throwing up blood. They done a chest xray which showed up something on her right lung. They advised me that they would put her on an antibiotic and review in a week for repeat xray. The day after she got out she was sick again more blood took her back and another Dr took us they were treating her as if she had an infection but he didn't think it was and wanted 2 do a CT he spoke 2 a specialist children hospital in our area who said 2 rule out infection first and 2 keep her on antibiotic 10 days then review her. I have been driving myself mad wondering as the Dr made sense in saying she was not showing any signs of chest infection and was not sounding for one. Has anyone else ever heard of anything like this b4 plus she has just finished an antibiotic the week she went in 2 hospital for an ear infection

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