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Persistent cough and runny nose for over 6mths

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WishIWasSleeping Sun 05-Feb-17 14:45:42

I'm pretty much at the end of my own ideas and google and the doctors are rubbish. I'm wondering whether to ask for an ENT referral?
DD (13months) has had a persistent night time cough for over 5 months now.
We've been to the GP roughly 4-5 times with the cough, and when asked if she's healthy I always say yes, as she never gets down or feverish unless she's actually cutting a tooth. (She has 6) We're always told viral or nothing to worry about.
Looking back and actually thinking about it, she's had a never ending runny nose for about the same amount of time. I presumed the nose was teething related.
I didn't really connect the two until her mucus is now green and looks like catarrh.
Plus she gets loads of ear wax and it's usually quite dark and can be hard.
The coughing and stuffy nose regularly wake me and wake her about once a fortnight. (I usually pick up and give cuddles before she gets too bad)
I've tried steam treatment, calpol, night time plug ins, olbas oil, jelly, antibiotics, snuffle babe, raising the mattress.... her room is always below 20....
Her constant struggle and not complaining is really getting me down. Especially as we're due number 2 in 3 months...
is there something I'm missing or should I now ask for the referral? Advice appreciated. Thanks.

Summerdays2014 Sun 05-Feb-17 18:42:20

I was just coming on to ask the same thing. My son is 13 months next week and seems to constantly have a cough, especially at night, and a runny nose. I put it down to teething as he is constantly dribbling, but, like you, I'm wondering if there is more to it. Allergies? Asthma? Not sure... he does have eczema. He also has lots of ear wax that is noticeable all around his ear. I've been to the docs a few times as well, and get told it's a virus etc and that there is no sign of any chest infection. It's a worry isn't it? I hope someone can give us some advice or tell us it's normal at this stage in their development.

measles64 Sun 05-Feb-17 18:45:27

Son had this we used to say twin candlesticks when his nose ran. It was diagnosed as allergic rhinitis. I would say, do you have pets, do you use scented candles, plug ins, does anyone smoke??

In sons case it was asthma and allergic rhinitis.

RandomMess Sun 05-Feb-17 18:48:05

I was going to say it sounds like allergic rhinitis but that usually has clear mucus as no infection going on, well that's what I thought?

Summerdays2014 Sun 05-Feb-17 18:56:18

Thanks both (sorry to jump on your thread op) I'm going to google allergic rhinitis and then might go back to the doctor. We don't smoke, have candles etc. Did your son get any treatment measles?

measles64 Sun 05-Feb-17 19:15:27

He was on ventolin syrup when young, then given an inhaler when he knew how to use it. The allergic rhinitis there was no treatment then so we had to endure it. He did outgrow it, tis a funny thing asthma when it hits them as babies they can outgrow it.

Summerdays2014 Sun 05-Feb-17 19:34:21

Thanks measles. My brother has asthma (and eczema and a nut allergy) so it's been on my mind a bit. I've also been thinking of having him tested for allergies due to the cold and the eczema. Just looked up allergic rhinitis on the NHS website and it sites mould as a trigger. We do have a problem with this around the windows in our bathroom and bedroom, although we keep on top of it and it's not in my sons room at all. Interesting. Sorry again for jumping in op. Does this sound like it could be the case for you?

WishIWasSleeping Sun 05-Feb-17 21:15:25

No problem jumping in! smile especially if it helps!
Doctors were at a loss on the last visit and prescribed an inhaler for asthma, but this just made her cough much much worse. I think they were grasping for ideas...
She doesn't have eczema, and we did have a little mould in our old house (moved in Nov) but it was only in our room and we were well ventilated too.
Def candlesticks though! - in fact I said this to my hubby last week and he looked at me gone out!
I use scented candles when we have guests, so I'll stop that, and my hubby smokes, but never near her, always wears an extra layer just for smoking in, and has a good wash up routine after each one. He's also in the process of quitting-perhaps has 2 a day at the mo... plus he works away for 4 days a week too, so I wouldn't have thought there was enough there to cause such a reaction?
Thank you for the advice so far! smile

measles64 Sun 05-Feb-17 21:29:51

You can have outdoor mould, leaf rotting in the autumn, log burners because of the logs you bring in. It can be outside your front door.

WishIWasSleeping Sun 05-Feb-17 22:09:01

Thanks measles.
I also looked up from suggestion, but there seems to be no association with coughing? Maybe that's an additional side effect from something else.
The NHS website suggests an allergy test but I think that's a bit much for someone so young.

moobeana Mon 06-Feb-17 19:51:00

My dd had a runny nose for 3 years. She had her adenoids out and 2 days later it stopped!

I like you, believed it was teeth, colds, hay fever etc but I kept going back to doctors in case. Finally they referred to ent who took them out. The difference to her speech (which wasn't particularly bad before) her snoring etc was amazing.

Keep pushing.

WishIWasSleeping Mon 06-Feb-17 21:39:24

Thanks Moo. I know I had my adenoids out as a child, which is what's now making me think it might all be connected rather than different issues. I think I'm going to book her an appt for Friday with a GP as I don't work then and see where we get too.
She's apparently woken herself up from every nap today by coughing... must be so tiring for them.

WishIWasSleeping Sat 25-Mar-17 02:55:36

So just a quick update. Took a couple of times but the doctor referred for an X-ray. A shadow on the bottom of DDs lung was confirmed and broad range antibiotics were issued. We're a week clear of the antibiotics now and the snotty nose is back with a vengeance (not clear) and the coughing started yesterday, although nowhere near as bad. Follow up X-ray in 2 weeks to see if the shadow has gone. x

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