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8year old daughter bad cough for 10weeks

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sasperrella Wed 01-Feb-17 16:14:10

Hiya my daughter has had a cough for 10 week now shes had 2 lots of antibiotics which have done nothing
She also has
Chest pain that makes her cry that comes and goes
Dark colouring under her eyes
The cough as been making her sick and heave for 2weeks
Shes pale most times but sometimes has bright red cheeks
Shes tired more than usual but still plays just not for aslong
Irratible she crys over everything
As complained of bellyache
Complained of hip pain
She had a chest xray that showed changes to her aveoli tubes which apparantly are little sacs in the lungs that look like grapes

Doctor said she doesnt have asthma her cough can be when she running walking shouting sat still at night in tbe morning
Sorry for long post just wondering if anybody elses child has been like this thanks

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