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Colic, reflux, wind ..

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sophie0707 Wed 01-Feb-17 14:25:44

Hello , I'm knew to this but looking for some advice,
My daughter is 5 weeks old and has been the happiest healthy baby until about a week ago. We struggled to get her wind up for a few days and about three days ago it finally caught up in her and she's been crying and unsettled most of the time with outburst of crying fits. She has the following Symotoms;
Struggles to bring up wind
Pulling feet up and kicking legs
Unsettled and crying thought the day with outburts of crying at times
Choking whilst feeding on bottle
Arching back whilst feeding
Frequent spitting up and occasional vomiting.
Hiccups after every feed
We started giving her infacol a couple of days ago which didn't seem to help so spoke to the health visitor yesterday who said she had colic and to give Infacol before each feed and to change her formula to comfort milk for colic which I have bought today.
She fed Better over night on her normal milk and the infacol bought her wind up but she has been crying all morning and been vomiting last night and today after feeds so I'm hesitant to change her milk and upset her stomach more . Is the vomiting part of the colic or something else ?

Thank you

sophie0707 Wed 01-Feb-17 14:49:03

I forgot to add she is also very constipated and hasnt pooed in 2 days

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