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New milk

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tinajayne1993 Tue 31-Jan-17 18:40:59

Hiya. My baby has now been changed milk by the doctors here is a link to my other thread to explain all about it

He is now on nutramigen 1 well not till tomorrow actually when the chemist will have it in but wondering what anyone's reviews were on this milk?

AirandMungBeans Tue 31-Jan-17 19:17:18

My eldest, now 4, was on nutramigen 1, then progressed to 2. It stinks to high heaven, really foul, but he drank it, and when combined with his reflux meds, he was like a new baby within a week. He had a major oral aversion too, which made feeds difficult, but once he realised that milk no longer hurt, he guzzled it down. He outgrew his cmpi at a year and now drinks more cows milk than anyone I know! I hope that it works as well for your dc as it did for mine x

tinajayne1993 Tue 31-Jan-17 20:25:36

Oh thank you for your story really help to here of someone else. What Meds was your little one on for reflux. My little ones just on gaviscon atm can it still be used with the milk? Xx

mycavitiesareempty Tue 31-Jan-17 22:24:01

Milk allergy can cause regurgitation, DS's really stepped down when put on hypo milk although he was still a bit leaky.

For a while he was on hypo milk and something called Lansoprazole, which is a proton pump inhibitor. It works to effectively turn off the acid pumps in the stomach, so regurgitated stomach contents don't burn.

However, it was the milk that really made the difference to DS. He went from crying, non- napping, food aversion mess to happy little chap in weeks.

AirandMungBeans Wed 01-Feb-17 00:00:44

He was on ranitidine and domperidone for a year. We started with gaviscon, but it did nothing for him other than make him constipated.

tinajayne1993 Wed 01-Feb-17 16:55:23

I've gone and got him the tub prescribed and asked for another to get me over the weekend. He took a bottle but has cried none stop since but think he has a bad bottom from having runny poos for past couple of day so hopefully I will see a difference in a couple of day if not it will be another trip to the doctors. Xxx

AirandMungBeans Wed 01-Feb-17 22:59:13

Definitely give it at least a few days. It can take a while to get into their systems. I should warn you that nutramigen poos are disgusting, usually green and smell bad enough to clear a room! All normal for that milk though.

tinajayne1993 Thu 02-Feb-17 08:11:04

His had them types of poo on the comfort milk so have got kind use to them so at least I'm prepared for that haa.. xxx

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