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Anyone up...please advise!

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Freakingoutmummy Wed 25-Jan-17 01:46:32

So dd (5) been a bit grotty for a few days...snooty, coughing and sneezing,,,today especially bad, asked for medicine when I dropped something to school at lunchtime (didn't give it) , grumpy when I picked her up etc. Asked for medicine at bedtime which I gave her (calpol); she didn't settle, lots of coughing, sounds croupy maybe? She didn't settle to sleep until 1130pm (usually asleep well by 7) and is really wheezes in sleep. Before she slept she was scared that her voice had gone a bit and she felt like there was something in her throat, she has been drinking lots and able to talk / cry so I don't think there is an obstruction. What do I do please? She's in my bed propped up with pillows and bowl of water on radiator..

IwillrunIwillfly Wed 25-Jan-17 01:54:34

If she sounds wheezy or is having trouble breathing then she needs to be seen. If youre not really worried at the min then i'd phone nhs24 (think its nhs direct in england) and see if they can get her an out of hours appointment or you could take her to a walk in clinic if theres one near you. If youre worried she is struggling to breathe though take her to a and e.

Is the noise when she is breathing in or out? Of its when she breathes in then its a stridor amd she probably has croup. Croup with a stridor at rest needs seen definately tonight.

FuckOffDailyMailQuitQuotingMN Wed 25-Jan-17 01:56:27

Do you have out of hours Doctors?

31weeksgone Wed 25-Jan-17 02:01:35

Ring 111 in England or call your out of hours doctor, with children always best to put your mind at rest. Hope she's okay. flowers

Freakingoutmummy Wed 25-Jan-17 02:06:11

Thanks for replies she is asleep and wheezes when she breathes in, like a snore sound but she never usually snores. She's responsive when I check her and she's stirring lots now, think drs tomorrow is definitely in order. Xx

IwillrunIwillfly Wed 25-Jan-17 05:02:38

If shes still making the noise take a short video to show the dr in the morning. Always easier to show than have to explain it!

Patsy99 Wed 25-Jan-17 05:09:28

DS1 often used to get wheezing after having the sort of cold you've described - for some reason he was prone to getting chest infections. The dr usually gave him antibiotics.

If breathing gets really laboured though before your GP appt in the morning you need to call the out of hours doctor.

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