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Varicose veins in children

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chumpbaby Mon 23-Jan-17 22:50:54

My eight year old son has developed what I am pretty sure are varicose veins on the back of both legs. Quite prominent bulges above and below knee joint. He does on occasion complaining of aches and stiffness in his legs. I have done my research and am fairly sure this is what it is, although have a GP apt next week so he can be properly examined. My reading tells me that, although not common, varicose veins can appear in children the same way they do in adults, and they are not usually a sign of anything more serious. Just wondered if anyone else could share their experience of VVs in their children?

Did they get worse? Was a referral made to a vascular specialist? Did they have any treatment?

Anyone else's advice would be much appreciated.

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