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Strep infection? Useless GP

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whatsupnow Mon 23-Jan-17 20:38:11

DS, 8 months, has been ill for the past six weeks. He had the awful cold that's been going around for about three weeks, followed by an ear infection that lasted 12 days with multiple night wakings, lots of crying etc. Despite three visits to the GP, no ear infection was detected. The last of those visits happened a few hours before his ear drum perforated and gunk started pouring from his ear. He was finally put on antibiotics for 5 days (amoxicillan) after I went back. They didn't seem to do the trick - he had a fever 5 days after starting them - so he was moved onto co-amoxiclav, but I was told to only give that for two days (bring the total number of days he was on antibiotics for to 7). On Friday I had to take him in again - he was covered in a bright red rash. The GP said it was parvovirus, and that now the rash was out, the worst of the illness would be over. Turns out the worst isn't over - since Friday we've had night waking, loads of crying (especially at night), DS is obviously in pain (intermittently). Is this another ear infection? Or is the six weeks of illness he's had actually a manifestation of an underlying infection like strep? Apologies for the essay, but I have no faith in my GP and have always found the advice on this website really helpful. TIA

beautifulgirls Mon 23-Jan-17 21:02:04

It sounds like you need a second opinion. Is there another GP in the surgery you can see? Perhaps if there is not you could go to out of hours when he is having some crying and pain - I know it's not ideal but if the first GP isn't dealing with this despite you returning then you need to speak to someone else somehow.

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