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Anyone else's DD/DS have Childhood absence seizures

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Sarahrellyboo1987 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:55:37

Hi Everyone,
Has anyone else's DD/DS had absence seizures?
What happened at your paediatric neurology referral?
Does your child get extra support at school? My DD after school club have said she will have to have 1:1 staffing so the cost is going to go up substantially. I don't mind....but just wandered if anyone else had this.
The background of all of this : DD is nearly 6 and been complaining of headaches for about a year (as well as stomach aches) and this was put down to acid reflux. The gaviscon helped the stomach ache but not headaches. I have long said she has these unresponsive episodes and they said it was just Day dreaming and to try and record it. Well I finally managed to record 2 episodes and showed them to a different GP today and she said straight away she thought they were absence seizures.
So - just looking for your experience of this

Historygeek05 Wed 25-Jan-17 12:16:41

My DD was diagnosed with absence seizures aged 9. We saw a paediatric consultant for an initial appointment at which we talked through what had been happening - how long absences had been going on for, how many she had each day and how long they lasted etc. We then went to the Cardiology Department where she had an ECG to rule out any underlying heart problems - from memory this only took a few minutes. A couple of weeks later we went back for an EEG which confirmed she was definitely having absence seizures. She was then started on medication (ethosuximide) and by the time she was established on the correct dose she was seizure free - this took about a month. DD is now 11 and doing really well. No problems at school . 1:1 support was never offered or really needed. Hope this helps.

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