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10 yr old wetting the bed; any thoughts?

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minxthemanx Mon 23-Jan-17 09:22:21

He was diagnosed with epilepsy in march last year after having 5 tonic clonic seizures in 5 weeks. Has been in epilim since then, currently 400mg twice a day. Initially there wasn't a problem with incontinence; he only wet himself during one seizure. The seizures are well controlled by the epilim, hasn't had a full tonic clonic since starting it, and the partial/focal strange moments have more or less stopped. However, the increase in bed wetting is awful. (Nothing before the epilepsy started). It was once every 10 days or so, it's suddenly every night. Doesn't even wake up when soaking wet. Have let epilepsy nurse know, but haven't had a reply. Any thoughts? I've no idea whether this is seizure related (haven't heard anything during the night) or something else. Isn't much fun for him or me.

lozzylizzy Mon 23-Jan-17 14:00:23

A quick google as you have more than likely done shows a few parents that explain similar to you so it could be a common side effect of the drugs. Maybe you could locate an old post on here and get in touch with the user as they might have come out of the other side and have some advice.

You could also take some measures like you do with younger children, no big late night drinks, encourage to go to toilet, or even try and wake your DS when you go to bed a bit later on and encourage to go then just in case there is more to do.

In the meantime stock up on a few cheap duvets (you can squish a single into the washing machine and buy some protectors for the mattress.

minxthemanx Mon 23-Jan-17 16:32:12

Hi thanks for that. Yes I'm doing the normal no drinks after 7pm, encouraging toilet visits during the day. Even been waking him when I go to bed and making him have a wee. Still soaks the bed, and has no knowledge till the next morning. I'll have a look at side effects of epilI'm.

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