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LeighaP Sun 22-Jan-17 12:13:34

My little girl is 3 and we have been giving antibiotics for a infection she refuses to take and as soon as she sees the bottle she runs and hides sad we have tried bribery and pining her down sad she gets so upset anyone have any ideas that may help !! Thank you smile

Jordylan Sun 22-Jan-17 13:18:12

Aww it's horrible having to make them take medicine when they're so upset. I put it in a bottle of tasty juice (I usually put it in juice in a fruit shoot and he thinks it's a bit of a treat) to save the upset of holding him down, sometimes he notices the difference in taste and sometimes he doesn't. Is that an option for you?

LeighaP Sun 22-Jan-17 13:37:11

It's such a strong taste that it's so hard mixing it with something stronger to take the taste away ! sad the hospital won't change the antibiotics she has to have this one it's horrible makes me and my husband feel terrible x

IwillrunIwillfly Sun 22-Jan-17 22:22:52

It sounds harsh but i would persevere with holding her for it. Unless you have another way that you know she'll take it. Downside to mixing in juice etc is that if she doesnt finish the drink she isnt getting a full dose.

Its a bit of a cruel to be kind senario and by making sure she takes the medicine you'll be helping her in the future. I've met 8 year olds who refuse all medicines and are now too old to force to take them.

I'd work out how many doses she still has left and make up a sticker chart for each dose. She gets a sticker every time she has some and then a bigger treat at the end if she fills up all the boxes. Tell her its time to take her medicine, best outcome is she agrees but assuming she doesnt, you have to just tell her its important she takes it and then get her to take it in whatever way you can. After she gets a big cuddle, tell her that was good shes had her medicine and give her an immediate treat (sticker, chocolate button etc) and a drink to get rid of the yucky taste. Then keep doing whatever you had planned, dont let her know youre upset as that might upset her more or make her think theres something scary going to happen.

I know it feels awful to do though sad

Crumbs1 Sun 22-Jan-17 22:43:34

Hold tight, (wrap in bath sheet if they struggle too much) get over and done with quickly. Use a syring if possible to put between teeth and gum to reduce spitting out. Hug and sweet to get rid of taste afterwards.

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