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6mo suspected hairy nevus, worried about spina bifida occulta,

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Missonioni Sat 21-Jan-17 16:36:58

DS is 6mo has suspected congenital hairy nevus. His is around 6cmx6cm on his back in the middle of his spine.

Unrelatedly he was also born with his feet turned inward. I've just seen that it is called Club Foot. Which is also - along with hairy nevus - associated with spina bifida occulta. Does anyone have experience of this? Could you tell Me your stories?

sleepy16 Sat 21-Jan-17 17:46:15

My dd was born with two dimples (one inside her bottom crease) and one above, also a funny gluten crease.
Also born with positional talipes (club foot) but no one was concerned.
She has now been referred to orthopaedics as only one leg is bowed and foot turns in still.
It still worries me a bit thinking it could be something more.
Has you seen a specialist about his congenital nevus?

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