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Swollen Gums and Ulcers

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browneyedgirl23 Thu 19-Jan-17 15:30:25

Hi all
My LG has been really ill for a week. She has been given 2 different antibiotics which she has now finished. However 3 days ago I noticed she had a number of ulcers under her top lip and one on her bottom lip, I also noticed that the gums around her top teeth are very red and swollen to the point you can just about see 2 of her side teeth.
I am booked in with the doctor tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone has experienced this and if so what you did to help your LO?
They are sore as when she eats (which isn't a lot at the moment) she moans in pain.
I read somewhere the antibiotics and yogurts (which she has had a lot of in the last 5 days!) could be making this happen.
Any advice much appreciated smile

browneyedgirl23 Fri 20-Jan-17 09:03:40


bikiniline Sun 22-Jan-17 09:19:54

Hi, this sounds like it could be gingivostomatitis which is an infection. My DS had it when he was about 3 and I think was his initial infection with the herpes simplex (cold sore) virus. Whilst I was really upset that he may now be carrying this virus and be condemned to a lifetime of cold sores (yes, I'm dramatic) - he actually hasn't had one yet and he's now nearly 9!
The infection was nasty and his poor mouth was very sore for a while (he even had ulcers on the back of his throat), but he did recover fairly quickly. I don't think he had antibiotics (as was a virus) but was prescribed aciclovir tablets which I had to crush and give him with a teaspoon of water. I think this is only effective if given early on in the infection though. Hope this helps and get well soon to your LO.

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