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Mindfulness for Children helps with anxiety and stress

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MM5 Thu 19-Jan-17 05:16:48

I have been looking for some ways to support my stressed out child and came across this. It is written for teachers. However, they are easily used at home. I am starting to see a difference in my anxious little girl.

NC1nightstand Thu 19-Jan-17 05:29:30

Thank you so much! I have been looking for something for day so this is very welcome, thanks again for posting this!smile

NC1nightstand Thu 19-Jan-17 05:30:09

Ha! Ds1 not day.

MM5 Thu 19-Jan-17 08:21:08

Happy to share NC1. If you look on the blog there are also things for adults. I am doing the #MonthOfMindfulness! It is great and only takes a few minutes a day,

gingercoffee Thu 02-Mar-17 11:30:31

Hello, I'm looking into mindfulness for my dd, who finds it really hard to get to sleep.

The link posted above looks great, and I think it'll be very useful for us. I'm also looking for a mindfulness video or recording that she can listen to in bed. Does anyone know of any good, (short) videos on youtube? There are lots on there, but some are obviously better than others and lots are in very patronising American voices! Are there any particular ones that people have found useful? Dd is 11.

MM5 what is the MonthOfMindfulness? I googled it and there's a website but it's down at the moment.

MM5 Thu 02-Mar-17 16:36:48

On the same blog there is a section for #MonthOfMindfulness here:

It is 30 days of simple mindfulness tasks to do. It helps to give a variety of Mindfulness things to try and figure out which work best.

Also, on that blog, there is a link to A YouTube channel where they have collected a number of meditations that they have found useful. I like using it as they are divided up in categories already. Some are American in accent. But, not all.

Meditations for children...

Meditations for teenagers...

MsSampson Thu 02-Mar-17 16:39:27

My daughter likes the sleep ezy tonight videos/stories on YouTube. Also very handy for when you're trying to put two children to bed at the same time!

FreeButtonBee Thu 02-Mar-17 16:43:07

Slightly different but a relative wrote these two books on mindfulness for children which are quite sweet. The numbers one is better than the ABC one but they are both a nice change from traditional story books.

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