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Second Opinion on Braces?

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PurpleBurtle Tue 17-Jan-17 16:06:52

My 13 year old son recently came to the top of the waiting list (2years) and we went for the appointment last month however I'm very unsure on the decision made.
We were given several options which I was not expecting I just thought they would tell me what needed doing?!
At first she said we could either just have them straightened...not pushed back that way no teeth would need to be removed or remove teeth and push back aswell, when I asked what she thought she said just straighten. I thought about it and asked the time differences and said surely it would be best to do both if he is having braces anyway and would only need them a few extra months to which she then agreed and said yes as I don't think you will be happy with the result if we just straighten!
she then gave me options as to how many teeth to remove 4 or 3 or 2! She then suggested removing 2 at the top and only one at the bottom (as didn't want to remove healthy teeth) but she said take the bottom front tooth out as it chipped anyway...I didn't even realise this, I felt a bit under pressure to decide and was really ill with a cold that day sniffling in the room! so that's what was agreed.
Now I've been thinking about it, and have never heard of front teeth being removed before?
I don't think the chip is even very noticeable be honest
is it possible to get a second opinion even if this is where he was referred to?
I have booked a checkup with normal dentist, don't know if they can help me decide or whether they wouldn't interfere with what the orthodontist has advised?

is it normal to be given all these options?

any thoughts?

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