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Reflux in 4 year old?

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MrsMulder Sun 15-Jan-17 17:00:13

Does anyone have any experience of this? My 4 year old vomited a lot as a baby but grew out of it. A few months ago he started complaining of abdo pain off and on but a few times a week and crying with pain, I took him to the GP who thought it was reflux and she put him on gaviscon after every meal and before bed. This seemed to settle so we reduced this to only when he complained of pain because 4 times a day was a bit of a nightmare. He has been fine for a while and then around Christmas he started complaining of abdo pain again, it resolves within about an hour and he is fine again for days or even a week or so. A few days ago now he has said that he feels food coming up to his throat and today he said he vomited a bit in his mouth. Should I take him back to the GP or will they just say gaviscon again? Can this be normal in kids? Should it be investigated or not? any advice or experiences would be really helpful

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