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How do I tell whether it's colic or reflux?

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emmal2611 Sun 15-Jan-17 11:06:25

Struggling to tell whether my LO has colic or reflux and doctor does not seem to be much help.. so wondering if anyone can help. The past few nights she has started to have long crying bouts lasting about 2 hours or more and she can be consoled lightly but not much and pulls her knees up to her chest, she does not struggle to take a bottle whatsoever will guzzle down 4 too 5 oz with no struggles and she brings up wind well 3 or 4 burps per bottle, she often gets the hiccups after a bottle, sometimes projectile vomits and possets often and arches back a lot but sleeps about 8 hours each night with no disturbances grunts quite a bit but doesn't wake up.. feel like I'm at the doctors probably get more help here though lol.

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