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Recurring Chest Infection

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Butterflies27 Thu 12-Jan-17 21:44:07

Hi newbie here

Just after some advice my 2 yr old dd caught a chest infection on the 16 Dec she was given 14 days of antibiotics. A week to the day of finishing them she developed a high temp with no other symptoms that has lasted for over a week.

We went back to the Drs today as she still has a temp with no other real symptoms the paediatric team at our local hospital said as her temp was now below 38 (for last 2 days) they weren't worried and probably viral chest infection. Was a bit shocked as she only had a slight runny nose and odd cough in the last 2 days.

Well tonight the coughing started. My daughter has recently been discharged from our local respiratory team at the hospital as they hoped our gps could manage her now.

From 1yrs after a bout of bronchiolitis she caught frequent chest infections (every 3 weeks) we have been told she has protracted bacterial bronchitis. This is basically where the bacterial chest infection has harboured in her lungs and when she gets a virus the infection turns it bacterial. She should grow out of it but don't know when.

She has co-amoxyclav which normally knocks it on the head for a while last year we got 7 months between infections.

Bit worried that after only a week of the antibiotics finished she's ill. Do you think the original infection didn't go or could this just be unlucky and she's got another virus? The Drs checked her chest today and said it was clear.

Your thoughts would help as bit worried with the weekend coming up. The consultant has given her a low threshold for needing antibiotics for this. I don't want her on antibiotics all the time but also don't want this damaging her lungs.

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