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bobblewobble Thu 12-Jan-17 12:55:52

Anyone's little one had jaundice lasting longer than 3 weeks. Baby was treated at 1 day old for jaundice for a day and a half. We are now day 22 and baby is still jaundiced. Has had blood tests yesterday and today. Just wondering if anyone's little one has had jaundice this long and how long it took to go?
My oldest had jaundice that did not come back after treatment. Baby is just below the treatment line now.

sleepy16 Thu 12-Jan-17 15:11:20

My youngest boy had jaundice for 6 weeks, had regular blood and urine tests.
I know breastfed baby's can be for longer then ff.
But my son was ff due to allergies so it wasn't because of that.
He is 2 now and absolutely fine.

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