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11 yo not eating after virus - help

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Mumblesoldbloke Wed 11-Jan-17 11:07:02

My son had a virus 9 days ago high temperatures, bad headaches, couldn't swallow and sore throat. Took him to drs who said calpol and fluids. I took him back to drs yesterday as he is barely eating and the small bowl of pasta he asked for tea the night before he threw up. Everything apart from water tastes horrible to him apparently. The temperature and headache have gone now though.

Dr checked kidney function (complaining of bad lower back and lower stomach pains) and that's ok and just asked him to try to eat anything to get some energy (so he can go to school) he did give him a gel as dr felt that his tongue was coated with white stuff and that might be cause of bad taste.

Any suggestions as to what I can feed him to get him back to normal. I've offered all his favourite foods but he just doesn't want to eat.

Thanks for reading

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