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Purple looking 'stain' on baby's tounge

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applepatch Mon 09-Jan-17 19:08:44

Looking for advice and if anyone's had similar experience...I took my 7 month baby to doctors today as she's had a funny dark purple looking 'stain' on her tounge for a few days now. At first I thought it was staining from something she's eaten but doc says she thinks it's oral thrush. I'm just not sure as there's no white just a dark purple smear at either side of tounge she's never had bother with this before and is bottle fed, bottles sterilised fully each day etc
I feel AWFUL like I've lapsed in hygiene or something that's given her a crazy infection sad
The faint purple smears are confusing me though...anyone experienced similar at all??
I'm really upset and feel so bad about it

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