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Bubblegum89 Sun 08-Jan-17 01:12:27

My DD is 8 and on Thursday we noticed a small blister on her groin. Since then, quite a few more have shown up and she's got a bit of a temperature so it's obviously the dreaded chicken pox. She has a school residential trip on Wednesday which she has been looking forward to for months as her whole class is going away for 2 nights to do outdoorsy stuff which she loves. I was just wondering what the chances are that the blisters will have scabbed over by then? I know she's going to be absolutely heartbroken if she can't go sad

Burntbum Sun 08-Jan-17 01:29:56

What a shame for your DD. The spots tend to take about 5 days to crust over from when they first appear but they can come up in several crops. I would think it's unlikely that they'll all be crusted over for her trip. sad

Bubblegum89 Sun 08-Jan-17 01:55:08

Oh no sad thank you, I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway! I've got a feeling she's going to have even more spots by the morning

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