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Liedtomum Fri 06-Jan-17 20:45:50

Using this name as perhaps linked to previous worries. Though of course I know allergies don't cause lying/bad behaviour!

Daughter has had a horrendous last few months for several reasons but one is very poor physical health. Initially thought unlucky/getting loads of bugs but I'm getting really worried something else going on now.

Symptoms are mainly stomach upset, headaches, sore throat but occasionally runny/stuffy nose and earache.

At first there was concern re psychological reasons (wanting to avoid school) but as more information is coming to mind I'm genuinely beginning to think there's something physical at school making her ill.

Reason is - she's stopped using school canteen as this was she felt causing almost immediate upset stomach, but the only place nearby is a chip shop type place (though they do lots of different things), not great health wise I know but I've only just been told this is where she's going rather than canteen.

But it's like things are falling into place in my brain.

Never ill at home so weekends or holidays

never ill Monday's (which would have fit more with avoiding school) but actually more likely to miss on a day when she has her FAVOURITE lessons.

Symptoms are now at a stage it's not just her telling me she doesn't 'feel' well but are undeniable (extreme upset stomach, pain waking her from sound asleep, occasional short lasting rash, red swollen throat)

I've got an idea what it may be but don't want to influence posters away from a possible different but correct cause.

Hard to explain but I just have a strong feeling something at school is making her physically ill and I need to know what to get it fixed.

Can anyone help? Any experience of similar?

She's normally stupidly healthy as far as this kind of thing concerned.

canteatcustard Sun 08-Jan-17 20:31:12

so, its the chips causing this as she doesnt eat the food in the school canteen?

Liedtomum Sun 08-Jan-17 22:00:48

It's not just chips they do a lot of different foods.

I'm thinking something she's coming into contact with at or near school.

As I said I have an idea what it might be but don't want to wrongly influence posters.

canteatcustard Mon 09-Jan-17 12:26:09

so you are thinking an intolerance, rather than allergy?

or are you thinking environmental allergies?

a) symptoms you describe can be viral.

b) have you gone to gp and asked for a celiac or gluten intolerance. however i wouldnt blame school as the cause as it would show up at home. unless of course you are all gluten free?

c) glandular fever blood test done?

EpoxyResin Mon 09-Jan-17 12:47:17

I do agree, an allergy could be the cause. Perhaps also anxiety would fit? You can experience very real physical symptoms from anxiety.

I don't think you'd be unduly influencing anyone to say what you suspect the allergen is; it might make it easier for people who have experience of that to speculate on the likelihood in your dd's case.

Liedtomum Mon 09-Jan-17 16:37:56

I'm thinking intolerance/allergy

I don't think virus as been going on for months with respite when not at school. Tested for glandular fever - negative.

I don't think gluten as she has gluten at home with no problems.

Thing is what I think the allergy is, would be very rare (but rare allergies not unusual in our family if that makes sense) but I don't have all the information on any other potential causes. Another factor is almost constant redecoration etc going on at school.

I'm thinking a food additive. But it could be the food the additives in which is something we don't tend to have at home.

canteatcustard Mon 09-Jan-17 20:04:38

so, not food at sch? food from fish and chip shop? either way fairly easy to find out common culprit.

odd to have one allergy though, dont often come in ones.

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