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Goats milk formula for eczema - help pls!!

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Caper86 Fri 06-Jan-17 13:16:52

My 6mo ds has very suddenly developed very bad eczema all over his body. We've been to drs and trying out various creams etc.

We have had an allergy test and he has a cows milk intolerance. I am breastfeeding. I was advised by the dietician that along with dairy I should cut out various other eczema-triggering foods - the list was quite extensive, and was advised it may be easier to switch to goats formula (his twin sister is already on it)

Has anyone ever switched to goats formula (I'm using nannycare) and seen a marked improvement in eczema?? I'm reluctant to do a straight switch as it will stop my BM supply, but also at my wits end with the eczema! It's horrible for him and we're all losing so much sleep.

Paperkins Fri 06-Jan-17 13:19:38

I've never heard this, but may be new. If it's an intolerance, may be ok, but if it's an allergy, then I think they are just as likely to react to the protein in the goat's milk as the cow's. Can they not offer a hydrolised (sp?) formula?

YoHoHoandabottleofTequila Fri 06-Jan-17 14:35:36

Goats milk isn't recommended for a cows milk allergy as the proteins are similar. There's a 90% chance you can be allergic to it as well. 40% chance with soya.

My DS was on Neocate which is totally milk protein free formula. There are also hydrolysed formulas such as Nutramigen where the proteins are broken down and are supposed to be easier to tolerate. Although my DS didn't. They are all on prescription.

We saw a dermatologist for DS's eczema and was given an excellent cream regime of steroids and emollients. It cleared his skin up beautifully. He was five months old. Piriton at night helps stop them scratching but you have to get it on prescription at that age.

If you're using steroids don't apply them at the same time as the emollients as the emollients will dilute the steroid effects. Cut out all shampoo and bubble bath and use the emollients to wash with. What creams do you have?

Artandco Fri 06-Jan-17 14:38:57

You could try just ditching dairy from your diet first and not all the other things? If he's been ok for 5-6 months it would seem bizarre if he's suddenly intolerant to breast milk after having so long

Caper86 Fri 06-Jan-17 15:04:23

Thanks all.

Paper & yoyo - he was tested for sheep, cow and goat. Cow was the only one he was intolerant to. But I guess I'm worried to rely on that being the issue just in case it's not the milk that's triggering it.

We've been referred to dematologist and waiting for the appointment, currently using diprobase and steroid cream on the really nasty bits. Tried piriton but by night 4 it was keeping him wide awake (apparently common in under 1s!)

Art - I know, it's come on so suddenly and it's such a bad rash. I'm trying cutting out all dairy but it's an 8 week trial by which point I think I'll be a wreck with no sleep!

If anyone does have any positive stories RE goats formula and eczema I'd love to hear them...

Caper86 Fri 06-Jan-17 15:06:25

Yoho - has your child's eczema ever returned after the creams? Or do you still use them?

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 06-Jan-17 15:13:02

Could it be worth just cutting out dairy in your diet and seeing if there is an improvement?

I have CMPA and felt much better within 3 days of cutting it out. After 2 weeks all of my symptoms had disappeared.

Although it can be daunting at first, there's lots of support online and it soon gets much, much easier smile

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