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Being sick and choking

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KatyH89 Fri 06-Jan-17 09:50:01

Sounds so stupid as I know there's much worse things but I'm really worried about ds. He's caught a bug over the past few days and had been throwing up with it. During the nights he won't wake up as he's being sick and will choke on his vomit, when he does wake up he gets scared and calls for me making him sick more. I've tried to sleep on the floor of his room and bring him in with me but I'm getting barley any sleep due to keep waking him up and having to put 3 year old twins back to bed as they can now get out of their cot. (My twins don't communicate so it isn't as simple as saying no and putting them back to bed). Of course I don't mind doing this, but over the past 3 days I've probably had about 7 hours sleep and I'm wondering if there's anything you do when your child's being sick that will wake them up. I prop him up with lots of pillows, make sure there's a bucket by his bed but the only thing that's working is me waking him up when I can see him gagging. All help is appreciated.

Daisychain2017 Sat 07-Jan-17 20:02:55

Oh gosh - sounds awful. You must be knackered. Was he any better last night?
You don't say how old your ds is?
It's strange he's not waking up - have you asked your gp about?

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